• 2019 New Menu

2019 New Grand Menu Launch

SHABURI – Personalized All-You-Can-Eat Hotpot Experience

At Shaburi, each guest gets their own personal hotpot for Shabu-Shabu. They have a choice whether to order plate set lunch menu at $12.80++ during weekdays for 60 minutes or to go for our 90 minutes Buffet Courses.

In the newly upgraded menu, you will expect new additions in Shaburi menu such as Pork Belly and Gyu Tan with Premium Truffle Oil. Our quality Pork Belly is tender, juicy and is well-loved by many customers. You can enjoy this delicious meat from Special Shabu Course onwards. Newly available in the Special Wagyu Course, is the Gyu Tan with Premium Truffle Oil. Who can resist the scent of truffle on freshly broiled meat? The earthy aroma, distinct flavor and one-of-a-kind taste that has a special kick to it. We highly recommend this for Truffle Lovers!