• Seasonal Soup Mala

[NEW] Seasonal Broth: Mala Soup

Tickle your taste buds and delight in the spicy goodness with Shaburi ️

The word Mala is a combination of the Chinese characters ma (麻), meaning "numb" and la (辣), meaning "spicy." This hot and numbing taste is a flavor characteristic of Sichuan cuisine of southwest China. Its appeal lies in its fresh ingredients and in its super spicy ingredients...The tongue-numbing effect experienced after having Mala is caused by the use of Sichuan peppercorns.

The broth is beef-based and we dare to say, our Mala soup has a really unique and addictive taste that is different from others! Select your preferred level of spiciness based on your tolerance level, we have "mild", "medium" & "spicy". Don't be afraid, just go all the way!