[NEW] Hokkaido Festival Menu 2022

The new seasonal menu consists of unlimited Hokkaido Meat cuts (Pork Collar/Jowl/Belly), delicious Ramen salad, Potato mochiCrab & Potato CroquetteSapporo Miso RamenHokkaido Milk Ice Cream and more! Of course, this also includes a wide selection of free-flow high quality Beef, Pork, Chicken, side dishes, dessert and drinks at the self-service bar. Prices start from only $36.80++ for Shabu Shabu and $39.80++ for Japanese BBQ. 


Why travel to Japan when you can have some of the freshest Hokkaido Pork & Speciality dishes you can find in Singapore at Kintan Buffet? Head down to JEM #03-11/12 to taste the freshness of the meats for yourself!