About Us


Our thoughts /Philosophy for SHABURI


The Shaburi brand name is derived from the word Shabu Shabu and 里 (“ri”) read as “ Sato”. Sato means village, or hometown. We want to inspire people with classic hometown flavours and let them have a taste of authentic flavours from a humble Japanese home, through Japanese favorite food, Shabu Shabu.

Concept Story / Unique Points


All YOU CAN EAT SHABU SHABU and Japanese dishes!
We serve Shabu Shabu with all you can eat concept. In addition to the quality meat including Wagyu beef that is brought to your table, diners are spoilt for a tempting array of Japanese dishes, such as sushi roll, tempura, chawanmushi, curry and more!

We introduce “ Personalized” Shabu Shabu experience, unlike normal shared pot, at Shaburi, you are provided own hot pot and you can choose your favorite soup.
Choose your meat, soup, ingredient and create your own sauces to make a perfect experience.

What we assure,


Taste of Japan

Our Japanese chef create delicious concoctions of flavours executed with finess, precision and simplicity.
From our 5 signature broths ( Konbu, Chicken Collagen Paitan, Sukiyaki, Beef Pepper and Hot miso) are simply delicious and comfort your satisfy your taste buds.

Quality and Freshness

Our meats are selected by specialists to provide best meat for our ShabuShabu and we slice them everyday at our restaurant to serve them freshly.

Mist machine to keep vegetables fresh

Our vegetables are kept in tip top condition at all time with a mist machine imported from Japan.

Modern Japanese interior

Thoroughly enjoyable and affordable dining experience in a cosy environment

A generous buffet spread

Enjoy over 40 mouthwatering cooked dishes at the buffet counter included Sushi, Karaage and varieties of side dishes.

Icy treats

Buffet counter that serves soft drink and soft-serve ice cream to complete meals with full satisfaction.