[New]Natsu Matsuri Premium Platters

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet is thrilled to announce the launch of its Natsu Matsuri menu, a celebration of seasonal Japanese culinary delights and family fun from June until the end of August. Natsu Matsuri夏祭りmeans Summer Festival in Japanese, and consists of various exciting events and festivities throughout the country. Locals and visitors alike enjoy carnivals and fairs where they can play traditional games and enjoy seasonal treats at the bustling street food stalls. Shaburi & Kintan Buffet is excited to bring the authentic Matsuri experience to Singapore, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the festive spirit and enjoy a taste of summer in Japan. The first 100 guests ordering the Summer Platter will receive a complimentary S&K matsuri fan!

Natsu Matsuri Shaburi Platter (Set for 2: $78.80*/Set for 3: $118.20*)

A selection of high-quality meats and seafood perfect for shabu-shabu

Half Shell Scallops, Cooked Prawns, Fresh Salmon, Baby Cuttlefish, Oysters, White Shell Clams


Your choice of 2 plates of Special Shabu meats per person

Both platters include unlimited soft drinks, sauces, desserts, and buffet counter dishes, featuring summer "stamina" foods such as Karaage, Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Hiyashi Somen (chilled noodles), and Kanikama Salad. Additionally, try the brand-new 夏の辛だれ or Spicy Shabu Tare, and add a zesty, spicy kick to your meal.